Why Erotica?

I guess the first best answer is: That’s what sold and…that’s what sells.

I wrote a novella on a whim. Ellora’s Cave had a call for submissions: “Oh, Yum.” Older woman, younger man. I’d been reading that to stretch one’s “writing muscles”, you should try something different – something you’re not used to writing. Or, in my case, never wrote – read, but never wrote.

And so I wrote a novella that after almost a year, was rejected by EC.
At NJRW conference last October, I had an appointment an editor from The Wild Rose Press, a small press/epublishing company that was growing by leaps and bounds. So I pitched it and the editor said she wanted to see it. I sent it and a few months later, TWRP bought it – much to my surprise. I had written it on a whim.

Now, I’m doing edits, have a pen name so I can write under other genres, and working on promo items for RWA National in July. I have a contract! I will have an e-book soon.

Am I excited?
You betcha.
No one is more surprised than I am.

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