Perfect Day

I had the door to my little yard and garden open most of the day to hear the birds and get a breeze.I did some research on Rome -the setting for my next novella.I wrote about 1000 words.I napped since I was still exhausted from the conference. I had three cats in various positions around … More Perfect Day

After National

I was smart to take the Monday after RWA National off. I’m up early – have gone through my emails, read the paper, had a cup of coffee and will start to write. I need to take a shower, buy groceries and vacuum. But I need to write more. So if anyone stops by this … More After National

Reality Check

Last night after the GH/Rita Ceremony I was in the elevator at the hotel with a young woman who noticed my “First Sale” ribbon. After congratulating me she asked me how long it took me to make the sale. I told her about 18 months from the time I wrote the novella and submitted it … More Reality Check

Saturday Night

The Golden Heart and Rita Award winners can be found on Blogging National. I tried to get some goodies at the reception after the ceremony. I could smell the food but I couldn’t find it. I walked around the mezzanine twice and finally decided that cookies and wine in my room was better and calmer. … More Saturday Night

WaPo Article….

And the great part is…my picture on the internet article (haven’t seen the print copy) is next to the word “orgasm”. Bawhahahahaha – put a chubby old lady next to orgasm. LOVE it! Not too happy about the article, ‘though; not as thoughtful as it could have been and left out some of the more … More WaPo Article….

Washington Post

I opened the link for the Washington Post article on RWA National and saw a familiar face…after 50 years of dreaming about being in the Post, I finally made it. Why am I waving…like a geek? I don’t even remember a photographer…