Blogging RWA National

I haven’t left yet – still at work. But I think I have everything I’ll need-except for the wine – getting that after work. Then I’ll finish packing, make sure the cats have food and water (Uncle Richard is coming in to feed and play with them while I’m gone), clean the litter boxes and water my outside plants.

I want to be on the road early. Maybe, if I’m very lucky, my room will be ready when I get there. I read that a large convention was leaving the Marriott today – so it’s a possibility.

I’m taking two suitcases – one for clothes and one for the promotional stuff for Macie Carter. I mean, that girl can be a royal pain in the tuckus. She whined to me that she doesn’t have nearly enough space in her car, so could I be so kind as to schlep her crap down to D.C. Yep, I’m a sucker. I’ll be schlepping around for old Macie a lot the rest of this week. BUT I will have an empty suitcase to bring back tons of FREE books.

I promise to take pictures and post them on this blog.

And go to Julie told me they would have a link to me, but it’s not up yet. But I will be here, blogging my little black heart out – if I can only get Macie to shut up! Did I tell you she was a pain in the tukus?

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