Literacy Signing

What can I say, but it was huge! We were lined up outside these large doors (in the bowels of the hotel) – hundreds of us – and then we slowly filed inside this very very large room (I would say huge again but it would be redundant). It gave me chills. I mean it – hundreds of writers and hundreds of authors and thousands of books – chills.

I was a good girl and only bought 6 books. I got two of Anne Stuart’s just because I adore her writing and her spirit – nothing seems to get her down and I told her so.

I’ve received so many comments about my First Sale ribbon – it’s wonderful to have that.
Macie keeps nudging me to tell them about her book and I do. I think Macie will stop nudging me soon and I’ll just babble about it.

I met a mother/daughter team: Nat and Lynn from Alberta, Canada. Lyn, the mom, says she’s along because she’s the financial support for her daughter, the writer. But it looked as if they were both having a blast. BTW: Lyn and Nat look like sisters. Lyn is 39 – she could be my daughter! Nat’s blogsite is – so stop by and say, Hi.

A beautiful drive down. A rocky beginning with the hotel and the internet – but that was solved.
And one Bud Light with lime – and I’m feeling fine.
Going to meet Charity and the Liberty group at 8 PM.

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