My circuits are overloading, so…

…taking some down-time in hotel room.

The Rogue Digital Conference was packed – more than 100 in the room. Great giveaways from gift certifcates from Books on Board to a Sony eReader. I got $29 gift certificate from BoB. The information was timely and interesting. I like the idea of being an e and print author – ongoing royalty checks is one good reason and the other is name recognition.
Speakers at this important mini-con were:

Kassia Krozser of and the head of a new romance epublisher, Quartet Press.
SmartBitches’s own Sarah gave us some interesting numbers about the cost of self-publishing.
Jane Litte from told us about the confusing Google Book Settlement. I still have no clue.
And the lovely (really – not sucking up – not much anyway) Angela James of Samhain Publishing spoke on the real world of e-publishing.
Maya Banks and Lauren Dane, two epublished and print published authors gave us the information straight from the source.
So far this has been the most interesting workshop, of course we’ve just started.

The AGM was also packed and surprisingly cordial even though a controversial resolution was initiated. RWA’s lawyer explained the way resolutions involving the PPM and by-laws should be handled. I think the recent RWA Hot Sheet helped to stem any major issues.

Then lunch with Keynote Speaker Linda Howard, who was witty and wonderful. BTW: I ate the chocolate mousse thingy – figured I’d already walked everything off.

Jim Gerber, Dianne’s DH, brought the nightshirts down to me in the lobby (so I can get them to Moonlight Madness sale) and then I trekked over to the workshop on Death/Taxes and How to Survive an Audit. After listening to complicated (at least for me) information, I decided that I’m going to use Quicken for bookkeeping and get someone to do my taxes for me – like an accountant.

I missed Anne Stuart’s talk because I was standing in this huge line for free Avon books! I have more books to add to the freebies I already have.

Before I get to my next workshop – on creating and increasing suspense – I have to check Macie’s giveaways. I hope I have to add to the stash. She has a bunch of business cards in her tote bag already- someone’s taking home a B&N; gift card for $25. And the lazy girl is napping while I type away.

One thought on “My circuits are overloading, so…

  1. Sounds like you're having a great time and the workshops very informative. Have fun and get some rest. Keep some granola bars and juice in your room for when you don't have time to eat.


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