So far this morning

Did I tell you this hotel is a maze with multiple towers and to get from the fourth floor parking area to the lobby, you must press 8?

After making myself be—ootiful, I went to the goodie room to stock up Macie’s give-aways (she was still sleeping and you know the old saying to let them lie…). Then I went to the car to see if by some chance the camera was there (Rich says he couldn’t find it in the apartment) – negative. I’d noticed the goodie room had fliers for several groups, so I went back up to my room to get PLRW contest fliers and then back down to the goodie room to set them on a table. Then down to a cafe for breakfast – line too long. Then back up to room for cheese and cracker snack so I don’t pass out over Angela James of Samhain.

I should weigh much less when this is over.

I am going to the AGM – won’t talk about RWA secrets on this blog – but will give you the atmosphere of meeting.

Well, Macie! It’s about time you get your lazy butt out of bed. Let me tell you what I’ve done already this morning……

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