Up Very Early

My internal/infernal alarm clock has me awake and if I went back to sleep now….well, let’s just say I would miss a lot.

I’m not going to hear Janet Evanovich this morning. I love her books but I heard her speak at MWA. I’m going to the Rogue Digital session (www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com) instead. There has been a lot of discussion about the parity (or lack thereof) between e-books and print.

RWA has made some changes in the eligibility standards for the RITA and the Golden Heart (you’ll have read about that on the RWA Hot Sheet that just went out) but there are still questions.

I’m going because my novella will be an e-book and my next novella will be an e-book. I want to hear what the next step in the digital book process will be. I know I’ll be missing one of my favorite authors…and breakfast…but this could be, may be, hope it is…my future.

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