Long and Interesting Day at RWA

This will bits and pieces because I have to get ready for the awards gala. So here goes:

I started with Spotlight on St. Martin’s Press and I was very impressed with the editors and their presentations – more on this in a later blog. I want to write for one of them. Heck! I would be happy to have one of them as a friend…hmmm…no, would rather have one as my editor.

Then I attended the workshop on Believable Motivation, given my the unbelievable, Sherry Lewis. I remember her signing one of her time travels for me many moons ago.

I couldn’t leave RWA National without hearing Jenny Crusie for an entire workshop. Her subject was “Turning Points” which also comes down to structure and pacing. Funny and educational as always.

Next was Coitus Interruptus – the Erotic workshop that set off the fire alarms.

Heather Graham’s workshop was about Mystery and the World of the Occult. She had a great story about very unrequited love.

I fought the crowds at the St. Martin’s signing and was able to get a couple of books.

And after a quick lunch, once again collapsed in my room, vowing to download Stephanie Bond’s workshop on making romance writing a career.

Now to make myself presentable for the Awards!

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