Saturday Night

The Golden Heart and Rita Award winners can be found on Blogging National.

I tried to get some goodies at the reception after the ceremony. I could smell the food but I couldn’t find it. I walked around the mezzanine twice and finally decided that cookies and wine in my room was better and calmer.

I would love to go to Nashville for RWA 2010. I can save the money – the problem is the time off. I want to visit Heather in Seattle and go to England.

I have so many ideas and want to work on at least three of my projects – maybe four. I either need to retire or find a rich man. I won’t hold my breath for either. I’ll just keep working during day and writing at night and on weekends.

Writing is my second job.
Writing is my social life.

I really don’t mind.
I get to live in worlds that I make.

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