News of the Day

Editor and agent appointments:The agent doesn’t “do” mystery. I guess I should have called it paranormal suspense with romantic elements. This agent was given to me by RWA because the one I requested was booked.The editor (a very nice and very young, young man who thought I was only 48 – “My mother’s 62 and … More News of the Day

Party Time?

Uh…like NO. I was quite sure I’d party at least one night during the conference and here I am at 7:30 PM in my jammies and in my room for the night. I even left the last have of a funeral/autopsy/death by different means workshop – so I MUST be tired. I’ll party tomorrow after … More Party Time?

Friday Morning

I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck that backed-up and ran over me again.But this morning I have agent and editor appointments – back to back. Reading my pitch so I know what I’m, saying – hopefully. Pitching Elizabeth Peacock and the Body on Abbey Road. If no one wants her, I’m … More Friday Morning


Forgot that there’s not too many meals at National. Restaurants in the hotel are crowded and couldn’t find anyone to venture out with – so right now having a great turkey sandwich in room (from the marketplace in the hotel).


Macie’s still asleep – damn her – she’s snuggled under the covers. She was a good girl last night and didn’t embarrass me in front of the Liberty ladies. Let’s see if she can maintain this level of decorum through the rest of the conference.

Up Very Early

My internal/infernal alarm clock has me awake and if I went back to sleep now….well, let’s just say I would miss a lot. I’m not going to hear Janet Evanovich this morning. I love her books but I heard her speak at MWA. I’m going to the Rogue Digital session ( instead. There has been … More Up Very Early