Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time there was a writer who had been writing a long time and who was lucky to get some things published – even an erotic e-book.

Now this writer was older, really over 60, and her daughter was grown and living in another kingdom many miles away. And this writer, though fair of face with a very good hairdresser and plump (but in the places where a lady should be plump), did not have a gentleman in her life. She did, however, have two cats and a full time job but when she wasn’t working or petting cats…or reading…she wrote.

And then one day, a man came into her life. A man who was tall and strong and who loved to read and who loved to write and who had a son and daughter who lived away – but not that far. He no longer had a full time job so much of his time was spent writing or talking to our heroine every evening…for a very long time. Our heroine-writer began spending at least one day every weekend with this new gentleman. And although he made her very happy, she did neglect her writing…not her cats, for she still petted them.

And then one day, our heroine-writer had to decide what was really the most important thing in her life. Was it her gentleman or was it her writing? She loved them both and both made her very happy.

She thought and thought and thought and then she thought some more and in a dream, without the help of a fairy godmother (because she was busy getting the hormones for her trans-gender surgery), the answer came to her…

Would she give up the gentleman or her writing?

She gave up television…or some of it anyway.
And she was the better for it.

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