Writing Retreat

I got back this morning from PLRW’s yearly writing retreat. We actually critique, write and/or work out plotting issues – around talking, eating, and drinking (wine and this year, Tuscan lemonade).

There is no internet (there’s barely cell phone connection) and TVs stayed off except for a late viewing of “The Hangover” – well, even writers need some down time.

Any one who wants stuff critiqued sends the pages to everyone and we spend Friday evening and Saturday morning critiquing and plotting. Saturday morning we set our goals for the weekend and then we either continue plotting or start working toward our goals.

I had a goal of 10 pages on my next erotic romance novella. After some great critiques and plotting brainstorming. I met my goal and then some. I also did some of my own brainstorming on the plot of my time travel and The Last Prophecy.

PLRW’s 2010 Writers Retreat was a success – for me, at least.

Our next writers’ retreat may be a cruise to Canada. I may take my favorite cowboy-writer.

4 thoughts on “Writing Retreat

  1. It was an amaaaazing weekend. And I am so for the cruise. I think nothing sparks creativity as much as hanging with other creative folks. After waiting 2 years to get there, it was totally worth it.Terri


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