Thoughts on NJRW

I have a request from Alex Logan of Grand Central Publishing. I have to reread the manuscript and get it ready to send off. I saw so many people I haven’t seen for a couple of years (missed NJRW last year) but couldn’t chat – laryngitis. It was wonderful to see Dianne Gerber/Autumn Jordan win … More Thoughts on NJRW

Is It Me?

Next weekend is New Jersey Romance Writers Conference – one of the leading regional romance writers conferences in the country. I go every year. Well, every year but last year. Last year I was in the hospital getting a stent put into my right renal artery. My blood pressure was higher than God before that … More Is It Me?

The Writing Process

“Where do you get your ideas?”Non-writers often ask that. Real writers know where they come from: from John Lennon’s “man on a flaming pie”. In other words: we have no friggin’ idea.At least I don’t.Sometimes I can trace an idea back to the source – or several sources. But the entire process of development – … More The Writing Process