RWA 11 Wrap Up

I can’t say enough about RWA 2011. Everything about my four days there was wonderful – from the workshops to the people.

The high points of the conference for me were Sherrilyn Kenyon’s keynote address and Candace Haven’s Fast First Draft workshop. Both were inspiring. Both women have a new fan- me!

And that’s what I needed. I needed time away from everything else to BE a Writer – to be with Other Writers. To be with people who understand what it’s like to wake up in the morning with your head so full of ideas you have to write them down – you have to get them out.

Writers need to be around other writers. We need the validation that we’re not nuts (well, maybe not totally). I’ve been missing my RWA Chapter meetings lately and RWA National was the perfect way for me to regain that connection.

The other high points were finally seeing Phantom of the Opera on stage and traveling to The Village/Chinatown with Kathy Kulig and meeting other erotic romance writers. Yes (big sigh) I have written one of those things – the truth is out. Lori Perkins of Ravenous Romance was a gracious hostess, taking the writers who read from their works and hangers-on (like me) out for a wonderful Chinese dinner afterward.
Would I go to RWA 12 in Anaheim?
I’m definitely thinking about that.
I’m thinking of inviting my daughter now from Seattle for that.
I’m thinking about a workshop.
And, best of all, I’m thinking about writing – and actually writing.

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