Please, may I have some more?

It’s almost like getting a small taste of a great dessert and then not being allowed to eat the rest. Or it’s like being told you can never have anymore – at least not for a while.

That’s what it felt like being with 2000+ Writers last week at the romance Writers of American National Conference in New York.

Being at a conference like that can be invigorating and it can be discouraging – both at the same time.
Invigorating because you’re around so many dynamic writers.
Discouraging because…you’re around so many dynamic writers.
And you…rather…I felt less than dynamic.

You see, I’ve been doing this for more than fifty years. Oh, I’ve been published in almost every venue except novel-length. By now I should BE there…wherever “there” is.

That’s my Holy Grail – getting a book…not written – I’ve done that already – in fact several times…getting a book published.
Published by one of the “legacy” houses.
I loved being at National, around so many wonderful writers. My head was swimming with ideas and then I came home and wanted to keep on writing.
I wanted to revise one book, work on another and then do research for a third.
But soon reality set in and I went back to my day job…
For a while longer.
So one day I’ll be eating that dessert everyday, all day.
One day I’ll have that book with my name on the spine.
One day…

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