NaNo Comin’…NaNo Comin’…

NaNo is short for November is National Novel Writing Month. Last year more than 200,000 people took part in a month long contest. Each one attempted to write 50,000 words – a good start on a novel. For the first time in several years of entering, I made it. My book, The Last Guardian, will soon be published by…wait for it…ME!

Yep, I’m going the Indie route. I’m 64 years old (as of this coming Tuesday) and I can’t wait for an agent or an editor to find me. And it plays heavily on the 2012 end of the world as we know it theme. I have to get it out there…FWIW.

During this NaNo I’ll work on Elizabeth Peacock and the Ghost of Gettysburg – my second Elizabeth Peacock book. When that one is ready to go I will self-publish both within a month of each other. My Elizabeth Peacock books are an older Stephanie Plum meets The X Files…amateur sleuth solving (or trying to solve) paranormal mysteries. Heather, who did the cover for The Last Guardian, will be working on the Elizabeth Covers.

I want to also finish The Last Nurse, my memoir – so much finality here – Last this and Last that. I think that’s because I’ll be closing a chapter of my life and opening another soon.

I’ll retire from nursing in April 2012., I’ll be getting married in June and moving. I’ll finally become a full time writer.

But until then: NaNo’s Comin’.

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