On Retiring from Nursing…

In one month I will be retired…retired after 44 years of being a Registered Nurse.
I worked on medical-surgical units and on the rehab unit of the local hospital. I was a visiting nurse. I was a director of rehab. I was an agency nurse. When I worked in nursing homes I was a nursing supervisor, an assistant director of nursing, an inservice coordinator, a nurse liaison, a charge nurse. When I moved to the corporate office I became a Quality Improvement nurse, a reimbursement nurse, a marketing director, director of quality improvement and finally the Vice President of Nursing.
My personal life has gone through as many changes as my professional.
I never really wanted to be a nurse. But it was the best education for the cheapest price in 1965 and now finally I will have the time to become the person I was meant to me.
Whoever that is.
I think I was a good nurse. I cared for my patients with skill. And I cared for them with…caring.
But that part of my life will soon be over.
I can’t wait for this new chapter to begin.

4 thoughts on “On Retiring from Nursing…

  1. One ending is another beginning. Embrace your past. Keep what was good. Toss out the rest and go forward. How exciting to be starting a new adventure! Best of luck with your writing.


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