On Mother’s Day

I know the day is almost over. Since my “child” is living in the Seattle area, I spent it with the gentleman I’m marrying. Morgan gave me a card and a gift. He took me to the movies and then to dinner. It was a beautiful day, one of the best Mother’s Day…except for one thing. Heather is just too far away and my mother is even further.

Mom’s been gone for more than twenty years. It doesn’t seem that long and yet, at times, it seems forever. When I think of her I sometimes wonder if I’m really remembering her or just an ideal of her. She certainly wasn’t perfect and there were many things I wish she’d done differently.

But what I wish the most is I wish she could be here to see how her granddaughter has become a beautiful and intelligent woman. I wish she could have known that I grew to be a better person. I wish she could have met Morgan.

But this is life…an eternal wheel of love, loss, love and loss. Hopefully the wheel lands on love more often and stays there the longest.

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