When I’m 65…

Today I turn 65.
How did that happen?
Just a few moments ago I was in high school and then nursing school and then going through a C-section.
Now all of a sudden I’m sixty-friggin’-five years old.
I’m Medicare age and I carry the card proudly…I earned it by working since I was 20, not counting the years in nursing school, in a job I never really wanted.
So now I’m 65.
What do I do now?
I’m retired.
I write everyday…every day.
I have a short story in an anthology.
I’ll be publishing my werewolf paranormal romance.
I’m working on at least two short story collections.
I’m dusting off Macie Carter, my erotic romance writer persona.
What do I do now, at 65?
Exactly what I’ve wanted to do for the last 50 years…write.

What will you do at 65 or whenever you can retire?

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