About November…

To some people this could be a minor thing but to me, not so much.
To everyone I know and love and like:
This is November.
November is National Novel Writing Month.
This is the month where writers all over the world try to write about 1700 words a day to make it 50000, or a short book, by the end of the 30 days.
I’ve been trying to do this for the last 9 years…or so it says on National Novel Writing Month website.
I’ve only “won” it—got to 50K one other time.
I was working full time all those other years. And the year I “made” it.
But not this year. This year I’m retired. So why am I having more trouble getting to that 50K mark this year than last year.
Has my life changed?
Oh, just a little.
1. I’m married. I have a wonderful husband who loves to be with me. He doesn’t like to eat unless I’m eating with him. He has yet to learn that when I’m in my writing zone, I hardly eat. I should lose 40 pounds in November, but I don’t. I snack while writing.
2. I now have a dog. The above-mentioned wonderful husband usually takes care of dog. But sometimes Dog is my job. Plus we have 2 indoor cats—they’re my job and now the zoo includes a kitten rescued after the hurricane.
3. I’m no longer living in a four room apartment with “servants” to do yard work and maintenance. It’s a large house with lots of land and lots to keep up. And two people with stuff to move and sort and put away.
So this year with NaNo, I’m struggling a bit. Today was typical: computer ate up some of my words from yesterday, a family emergency, a kitten lost somewhere in a big house, a dog that may need to go to the vet…
Everyone: I love you…but let me write.
I spent 40+ years in a job I never wanted. I’m retired.
I want to write.
It may not be much but it’s what I do.
I write.
Especially this month.

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