The Last Day to Write 20,000 Words

I tried to win November is National Novel Writing Month again this year.
’m not working, right? I could spend most of my time during the day writing, right? So I could easily knock off 50, 000 words, right? After all I did it last year when I was working. This year should have been a snap.
Well, it wasn’t and I didn’t…didn’t make it to 50,000 words. I got close to 30,000 words…just not enough to get the little badge that says I won NaNo.
What happened?
Life happened. I listed some of the things in my previous post but the biggest thing is:
Marriage happened. I was no longer living alone. As good as he is (he’s also a writer) while I’m writing, I’m no longer on my own. My time is no longer just my time. (As I was writing this, he was trying to discuss something with me).
When I lived alone I could spend my free time doing whatever I wanted, including carving out some time for the man who was going to become my husband. Now…not so much.
And that’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn about living with someone again. My time is not always my own. When I decide to run to the store, there is someone to tell…or someone who wants to go with me. (He just asked me if I wanted to go to Harbor Freight to pick up clamps for a project…Uh, no. I’m writing, darling…).
So this year, I didn’t make it to 50,000 words…only 30,000
But is being married to Morgan worth 20000 words?
Yep – every one of them and more.
What about the book?
I’ll finish it in December and revise it in January.
And I’ll do NaNo again next year…even married.

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