2012 Ends

2012 ends today. The year was bittersweet for me. The sweet: I got married this year and gained a wonderful family. I love my steps. My step-son is intelligent and caring. He’s working on a book and is in the middle of his research. I love listening to the tales of his travels. My step-daughter … More 2012 Ends

Does art influence reality? I was thinking about that this summer, especially after the Aurora Cinema shooting during a Batman movie. I’d had a germ of a story partially written and decided to use that theme to flesh it out. But I twisted it a bit and set it in the 1840s with the influential … More

The Next Big Thing

Right now I’m out here all by myself, doing The Next Big Thing blog today because I love Shannon Delany (www.shannondelany.com) the author of the Thirteen to Life series. Because it’s the holiday season and everyone is up to their eyeballs in wrapping paper and cookies, I couldn’t find anyone to help me. However, I … More The Next Big Thing