Working or Not Working or Retirement?

I’m retired. But when I was working, I visited my daughter living in Everett, WA during my vacation. Her apartment is on the second floor just two blocks away from a major building in the city. One morning, with Heather at work and me sitting on her sofa looking out the window, I saw many people carrying briefcases, walking to work. Suddenly I found myself thinking, “I should be working.” No, Mitzi, you’re on vacation.

But now I’m retired and I feel the same way. I go right to my laptop in the morning and “work” – write or work on my Facebook page, answer emails, etc.

For the last few days, I haven’t done that. It’s the Holiday Season. My daughter is home for two weeks. We’re doing lots of stuff together and having fun. I’m retired so why do I feel guilty?

I’ve only been retired since March. Maybe I haven’t gotten “the work ethic” out of my system. I transferred that ethic to my daughter who’s been answering emails and phone calls while she’s “on vacation” 3000 miles away from her job.

But I haven’t always had that “ethic” (I use quotes because I doubt if it’s always a good thing). When I first started working as an RN on a general duty floor in the hospital, I often called off. I didn’t really like my profession. I’d wanted to be a journalist, not a nurse. But eventually I got married, had a daughter and realized I was the major bread-winner of our small family. Enter “work ethic”.

Now I’m retired. Er–no. I consider myself a full time writer. When you’re a full time writer, either traditionally or independently published, you need to take the lead in your marketing. I’ve been doing that for the anthology I’m in: Tales from the Mist I’m also building my author’s platform…as you can see from this blog.

So I’m on vacation.
Check back and see if I’ve posted anything.

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