2012 Ends

2012 ends today.
The year was bittersweet for me.

The sweet:
I got married this year and gained a wonderful family. I love my steps. My step-son is intelligent and caring. He’s working on a book and is in the middle of his research. I love listening to the tales of his travels. My step-daughter has given me a wonderful step-son-in-law and a bright grandson. She’s smart and talented and a treasure. My grandson (no stepping with him!) is a joy and he’s brightened his new aunt’s life. My daughter loves him as if he were her own and so do I. My husband is the love of my life. He has given me so much and he is patient and loving.

The bitter:
I retired before my wedding, having worked for PennMed for almost 25 years. The company was sold and I lost a family.
The owner who I thought was a friend said some hurtful things about me.
However, I want to stay close to many of the people I worked with for all those years. Some I try to see monthly. For others it seems the best way to keep in touch is through Facebook. Unfortunately there are some people I worked with for years that I may never see again.
Sometimes it feels like a death. But with endings there are beginnings.

2012 ends today.
2013 begins soon.
I’m looking forward to many new beginnings

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