Someone asked me recently why I haven’t presented a workshop at a writer’s conference. Hmm? Give a workshop? Well, it would be a great way to promote the anthology that I’m in or my book that will be out soon on Kindle. Actually I’ve thought about it. I even priced projectors for laptops because I … More

I have a short story (“To E. A. Poe”) in Tales from the Mist an anthology that’s now #2 on Kindle’s Fantasy list. “That’s not my cup of tea” is the phrase I hear sometimes when I tell people what I write. Okay, I write horror and paranormal. I’ve been known to write something with … More

Revision/Rewrite Hell

When do you stop the editing/revision process? That’s what I’m asking myself these days. It’s not as if this book, The Guardian Prophecy, hasn’t been around a long time. It’s seen several rebirths. In fact a couple of the first scenes are a decade old. Can you say “recycle”? So if it’s been worked on … More Revision/Rewrite Hell