Someone asked me recently why I haven’t presented a workshop at a writer’s conference.
Hmm? Give a workshop? Well, it would be a great way to promote the anthology that I’m in or my book that will be out soon on Kindle.
Actually I’ve thought about it. I even priced projectors for laptops because I would definitely do a Power Point.
I’ve done Power Point presentations, you see.
But it’s been on nursing, documentation, regulations and such.
(There were no laptops, let alone Power Point, back in the day when I taught nurse aide classes. I made my own audiovisuals with poster boards, construction paper and magic markers.)
But writing? Really? I mean, really?
I’ve been published off and on for the last twenty-five years.
But I’m still “just a nurse who fancies herself a writer”. Or as one of my coworkers and fellow nurse once said, “You’re not really a nurse; you’re more artsy-fartsy.” Ahem.
So, if I were to give a workshop at a writer’s conference, just what would it be on?
How to use social media for author platform building? I try to do that everyday but there are lots of people with more expertise and experience.
How to write a mystery series? I’m still in the middle of that and the first one’s not even out yet.
How to world build in a paranormal? I really don’t “build” I just write what’s playing in my head.
I know: Perseverance
I’ve been published in short fiction, children’s fiction, poetry, nonfiction and personal essay. I’ve written several manuscripts and countless short stories. This was accomplished while I was working full time as that “arts-fartsy, not really a nurse” nurse.
A workshop on perseverance?
Unfortunately it would be too short.
I would just say: “Write everyday. And submit what you write.”
And I wouldn’t need Power Point to do that.

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