The Schizophrenic Writer

Yes, I consider myself a schizophrenic writer. I hear multiple voices in multiple points of view.
I also have ADD (SQUIRREL!) but more on that later.
I recently joined a relatively new writers loop, Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and found that I may not belong there. It’s not that the members are not lovely ladies and extraordinary writers, but I may not have a “woman’s fiction” story in my several WIPs.

Here are my WIPs (and here’s where the ADD comes in):
A paranormal romance with at least one ghost – still writing
A paranormal romance time travel—in revision
A paranormal mystery series—working on book 2
A collection of horror short stories—collecting and revising
A “love among the ruins” story from the male (in his 70s) point of view
A memoir of my nursing career
A collection of literary-type short stories called Fat Girls—writing and revising
A novel about menopausal women—still writing

Let’s review:
Two romances and one mystery series–are all “paranormal”.
“Horror” short stories
Male POV
Memoir (enough said)
Collection of literary short stories
Menopausal women—Bingo! I think we’ve found a winner!

However, the problem with the last one: some paranormal elements. Would that make it less of a “woman’s fiction”?

Aside from the fact that I should just settle on one project and finish it* (Didn’t think I could hear you, did you?), you can see my conundrum. I don’t write just one thing. I don’t write just novel length. I don’t write just short stories. I don’t even write just from the female POV. Several of my short stories are from the male POV.

I write in the genres I read. I’ve never limited myself to one type of book. I can read a literary tome and then go directly to a horror novel. And I usually read several different books at once. I told you, ADD.

The big question: Will this diversity help my writing career or hinder it? How can I develop an author’s platform when I can’t settle on one thing? I don’t know. But I do know that my writing seems to get stronger as I go from project to project.

I’m too old to change now.
So I will continue to do the schizophrenic bunny hop from project to project—genre to genre—and not worry about trying to fit myself into a genre/category/line.
And I’ll stay in WFWA and lurk, comment, learn.

*Did I forget to mention the paranormal werewolf romance that will be out soon: The Guardian Prophecy? It will probably be a series. I’m,uh,working on the second one.

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