Something Different…

I started back to college today. At 65 I’m the youngest in a small summer class on the graphic novel, or, as the professor calls it, the graphic narrative.
Penn State University, Berks Campus has a program called Go 60 that allows residents over 60 years old to attend for 6 free credits a semester. The application process, along with validation of high school graduation and other college courses is the same as for any other student. So I applied, submitted the credits I’d earned years ago when I’d thought I’d wanted a BSN and was accepted.
Today was the first day of my college career.
I was the oldest person in the class, including the instructor.
But, even without the extensive knowledge of “the graphic novel” (comic books and comic book heroes) that my fellow students seemed to have, I think I held my own in the discussion. Or maybe they were pleasantly surprised that someone of my advanced age could get around without a scooter.
My first homework assignment is to begin reading The Superman Chronicles. Apart from this being a great way to get “into” The Man of Steel movie that’s coming soon, I think I’m going to enjoy this class.
It’s fun to be around people who are younger and have a different world view.
The young woman in the class said to me, “I was so glad to find out I wasn’t the only female.”
I was happy to be of service.

2 thoughts on “Something Different…

  1. This should be a piece of cake for you, Mitzi. I look forward to reports of your progress. Better than ME going back to school! Chemo brain would not allow it. Luckily I got my degree when I had the chance. Not everybody was so lucky. I’m rootin’ for ya!


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