Back to School – Day 2

Second day of class is behind me and one of the many things that is different is the classroom and the technology. The Berks Campus is relatively new as is the Franco Building. The classroom is large and in the front of the building. The ceiling is high to accommodate a screen—the projector is hanging from the opposite wall. Everything is run from the teacher’s podium that houses the computer. Such a change from the audio/visual machines of my distant or even more immediate past.
Assignments will include in class writing and three summaries of journal pieces, critical articles of graphic novels. And there will be quizzes and a final exam. It’s been years since I had to study. I am not looking forward to the tests—the writing is fine; the tests not so much.
I spent most of today doing the latest assignment. I finished reading The Superman Chronicles, Volume 1, which contains the first thirteen Superman stories in Action Comics and the first stand-alone Superman comic. Then I read half of Will Eisner’s book on comics. Actually it tells you how and why to create a comic strip a certain way, the importance of panels, the types of panels, the font of the text, the balloons. It seems that a lot goes into the execution of a comic.
And here I thought cartoonists just drew.
Now I must write ten questions on Superman for tomorrow’s quiz. Each one of us writes ten questions and then I guess the instructor picks ten to ask.
And one of the questions can NOT be: what was the name of the female reporter?
However, Clark Kent worked for what newspaper?
Hint: It WASN’T the Daily Planet.

3 thoughts on “Back to School – Day 2

  1. I think a lot of your generation who read comics may have put them aside as they grew up, got jobs, had children. The comics industry has changed a great deal, broadened is reach and started embracing storytelling from a whole host of perspectives – it’s fabulous!


    1. I’m developing a new appreciation of the genre. I loved reading the original Superman comics this week. I would like to read a few from each decade to see how the series evolved over the years. And there are other comics out there….My poor Kindle will be overloaded.


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