Enter Clark Kent…

Today we were given one hour to write 200-300 word essay on one of three possible discussions. I picked the ethics of the first Superman stories. It seems that our hero did things that were not always, well, legal or, at least, not nice. Like–sort of like kidnapping and drugging. But these stories were written in the late 1930s and that world was undergoing some difficult times. (Damn, I wish I’d been THIS good this morning).
Basically that was my premise: that regular people who had no super powers would have been happy to be able to solve their problems as easily as Kal-el from Krypton did. The character (and his creators) seemed to feel that the results made the means okay.
What-ev-er. Superman is a fun read as long as you remember the times in which the story was written. I really need to get some Man of Steel stories from other decades to see how he and his stories change through the years.
Up, up and A-waaaaaaaay.


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