Thinking of a Marketing Plan…

I’ll be publishing my werewolf romance soon.
Whew! That was a long journey.
I’d started that book years ago.
I was writing this book when I was in a critique group. I had to leave the critique group because I had to travel for work and no one in the group wanted to critique through emails. So I went at it alone.
It’s had several reincarnations along the way—the most recent and final one uses an impending technological apocalypse. The apocalypse begins at the end of the book, so I may be writing a sequel.
That’s what successful self-published authors advise—write a series, write the sequel, keep writing.
I’ve been writing for more than fifty years. “Keep writing” will not be difficult for me. What will be difficult will be to concentrate on one project at a time.
There’s the Arthurian time travel.
And the paranormal mystery series.
And the romance with an older couple.
My collection of short stories.
But first I must concentrate on this first one.
And I must develop a marketing plan…
Er, ah, ummmmmm–
So, I start with this blog.
I will be blogging about my journey as a self-published author.
I think I’ll start with a blog about “Why Werewolves?”

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