A Return to Blogging

I’ve neglected my website long enough. So here we go for today…
One of the reasons I’ve been away from my blog is that I’m writing for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo or, even more simply, NaNo. I’m working on a third Elizabeth Peacock paranormal mystery and when this one is done, I will self publish all three.
The other reason is probably the biggest reason, the one that’s taking up most of my time: my classes at Penn State Berks. In fact it’s one class: Comparative Religion. My other class is a News Writing practicum—writing articles for the campus newspaper, The Collegian. I can write articles with one hand tied behind my back…actually with my right hand in a splint, because my right hand hurts from writing, writing, not typing. That’s writing in that first class, Comp Religion, pages of note-taking during class.
However that class has given me a boost in my attitude about continuing my education. It’s a very difficult class, with a dense amount of material. All doubts I had about “whether I can do it” have vanished. I’m doing well. I work at it but I’m doing well.
The Berks campus is the fifth largest Penn State campus; almost twenty percent of the students are over twenty-five years old. The oldest is in his eighties. The campus has already graduated two in the “Go 60” Program, both in their eighties.
Graduation is the destiny. But right now I’m enjoying the journey.

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