Wish List?

I made a wish list for myself for the fall semester. These are the classes I WANT to take: Introduction to Article Writing, Science Fiction, and Women Writers. For my major I HAVE to take Spanish Intermediate (if I take Spanish for two session this summer, this one would be the last of my last required language credits) and Introduction to Writing Studies (by the head of the department). I’d also thrown in Planet Earth for my science requirement.

With the Spanish class being four credits, that would make a 19 credit semester.

And my voice of reason daughter asked me, “Do you really want to stress yourself out that much?” I know that I’m not the only one who gets stressed out. I do drive my family crazy with my need to achieve.

Plus, I would only get 6 free credits. I would have to pay more than $7000 for that semester. Yikes! So maybe I’ll decrease it to four classes for $3500 and change (add to that books and a larger tech fee).

On top of it all, I’ve almost decided to have Applied Psychology for my minor, if not a second major.

A question I keep asking myself: what the heck are you going to do with this degree once you get it? Apply for a freelance gig at a weekly newspaper? Blog for some website that pays zip or next to zip? Hold on to that paper while the coffin moves into the crematorium?

I’ll be seventy when I graduate. If I go for another degree, I’ll be pushing eighty. But I want the education. I want the education.

For now I want the education.

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