The Weird and Unusual

I’ve decided to try something different today with my blog—a bit of the paranormal and a bit of the normal that should be para but isn’t.


Many of the paranormal sites that I post in come from this excellent site: started by Lon Strickler. Most of the following websites came from Lon’s site. I will be posting more websites on the weird and will continue to post at my Facebook author page.


Was this Testimony from the Grave? #paranormal #ghosts #murder
This is a great story about love and murder in  West Virginia and a ghost that couldn’t stay quiet in the grave.

What’s with the UFO symbols on cattle crossing signs? Are aliens comedians now? #eufo #scifi #paranormal  Little saucers have been appearing on cattle crossing traffic signs. Who’s the joker?

Did a dead grandmother send a selfie from the other side? #paranormal #ghosts  I think this is the first story I’ve read about a selfie from beyond the grave—phone calls, yes. Selfies, not that many.

Awareness during anesthesia? OMG, I hope NOT!  This is more of a scientific article on a very scary and evidently real subject.

Are we searching for Eden?  Aren’t we always searching for our very own Eden?


Can a plant kill by a touch?

Okay. Confession time: I found this information while searching for poisons—to use in a story (!). But please erase my hard drive’s memory when I die. Or don’t. I’ll already be dead—unless you get a selfie from me.

Monkshood, lovely to look at but deadly and nasty when touched. —————————>

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