Freaky Friday – History may be stranger than fiction

Today I give you this website on odd historical facts. If one small thing had been changed, would history be different…would the world be different? 

Lee-Harvey-Oswald-9430309-1-402vEdwin Booth Cameo-B&W-Resized

From Lee Harvey Oswald to Edwin Booth (not John Wilkes), historical happenings could make a great “brain worm” for a writer.

This is the problem for a writer working on a Time Travel story. Do I have a character change history? And if he/she changes history, does that change the present? If history is changed, would that character even live in order to time travel? Ah, the brain hurts with the questions.

Stephen King tried to answer those questions in November 22, 1963-A Novel. He answered them well, as usual.

One of the most popular time travel novels is the Outlander series. My Writer Wednesday post focused on my love of King Arthur and Glastonbury and my need to return to that story.

Let’s hope Outlander continues to amaze and Time Travel as a genre becomes popular again.

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