Freaky Friday – Reading “The Best”

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that I read and write paranormal romance, dark fantasy, and horror. I read almost anything and write in almost every genre, but those are the main ones. Right now I’m working on a collection of dark fantasy/horror short stories. I love reading short stories in these genres but there is a problem.

There are many places where one can find “horror” short stories (horror in various degrees of the genre): eZines, monthly magazines, quarterly magazines, anthology collections. But my favorite “venue” is Ellen Datlow’s “The Year’s Best Horror”. This annual tome not only has many “dark” short stories and novellas, but the first section is devoted to the genre: winners of various awards and books/magazines. The reader can find even more great stories that make you shiver and keep you awake with the first part of this Horror cover

Last night I read several stories in the collection from 2012 and I couldn’t fall asleep, the themes stayed in my brain. I’ve ordered the latest collection, so my Facebook friends should expect to see me up in the middle of the night.I would suggest that, if you’re like me and enjoy “dark” stories, you should find anything edited by Ellen Datlow.

Another great editor of horror and fantasy is Paula Guran. I was lucky to have met both of these talented editors at a Horror Writers of Association annual meeting in New York City many years ago when I was just beginning my writing “career.” I was too green to realize who they were and now I could kick myself around the block. But I grab anything with their names on it.

Paula’s latest work is a collection of Time Travel. I’ll be ordering it when it’s available. I’m sure Time Travel will be popular again. Thank you, Outlander.

time travel recent trips

No one can get all of the magazines,eZines, or journals that have great short fiction. But these editors make it easier for you to get “the best.”

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