And a New Year is almost here…

Writer Wednesday

I should have many. Goddess knows I need work…from my weight to my attitude (it’s not always lovely).

But as previous years have shown, my resolutions last for such a short time, I never remember them. So the best thing for me to do, is just to try to do better…to be a better wife, mother, friend. But I’ll still be The Wicked Stepmother. I LOVE that role. Bawahahahahahahaha!

And I’ve decided to try to get back to blogging.

As for writing: I’ll be reviewing my NaNo book for possible publishing in the future. And I’ll be finishing Elizabeth Peacock Two so I can get both EPs out.

I may go back to taking college courses and I want to start painting…finally.

So, nothing big for 2015. No huge weight loss or walking five miles a day.

By 67 I’ve realized what I can do and not do.

I know my limitations

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