#AskELJames: The Poignant & Profitable Martyrdom of E.L. James

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Roman emperors knew a thing or two about how to keep a population happy: bread and circuses. They built a coliseum to do it, complete with cringing Christians and half-starved, rabid lions. While most of the media fans itself, disingenuous and titillated, over the delicious #AskELJames Twitter Slaughter,…

For Indie Writers: You have the control. Own it.

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Here’s the thing. There are many reasons why people decide to publish their own books. Some people get frustrated with traditional publishing. Some prefer the creative control that self-publishing brings. Others see it as a better long-term business choice to control their intellectual property for the life of the copyright.…

A Messy House

I read the following blog recently and thought, “That could be us…but without the kids.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2014/07/21/i-blamed-my-wife-for-our-messy-house-i-was-wrong-for-many-reasons/ When I met my husband six years ago, I’d lived alone for most of my adult life. My daughter was on her own and I’d been divorced for almost thirty years. I was 62 and Morgan was 68. Years before … More A Messy House

Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Readers, Writers, and Serendipity

I read two books in the last three days. One book I’d ordered to receive on publication date and the other one I checked out of the library. In Finders Keepers, the sequel to Mr. Mercedes, King once again enters to world of the Thriller. King starts this new book by introducing a famous reclusive … More Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Readers, Writers, and Serendipity