The Writer’s Bag of Tricks (Part One)

I just put down a traditionally published book (as in, didn’t finish reading it) because there was no plot. Sometimes a very good author (like Ruth Rendell) can weave in a plot and the reader has no clue she’s doing it. You just think you’re going along for a ride with some interesting characters and then all of a sudden…bam! There’s a plot.
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The random blog of an editor

I was contacted recently by a friend of a friend. You know how that works. Somebody tells somebody else that they are writing a novel, and somebody says, “Oh, I know an editor. You should contact them to help you with…” Fill that in as you like. Now, I don’t at all mind helping writers of all levels. I’ve given countless hours of my personal time helping writers transform stories into better versions of said story. I do this because I want everyone to be successful. I do it because I care. I do it because quality matters. In the situation above, it was clear to me that this particular writer needed to learn some craft elements before they published. Their story had no plot.

As a writer, it is important to make sure that your story is the best possible story it can be before you publish (either self-publish…

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