Where Do You Find Inspiration

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Dianna Sinovic, former President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer’s Group, offers her unique perspective on finding inspiration for stories.

Young funny man in glasses writing on typewriter From: Sergey Nivens – DepositPhotos.com

The scariest moment is always just before you start. – Stephen King

Even if you don’t write horror, you most likely can relate to King’s sentiment. Your fingers are poised over the keyboard, ready to write that first sentence – as the minutes tick by. Or you’ve put off starting that story one more day because the blank screen stares back at you, waiting, like one of King’s monsters, giving you pause.

Take a step back even farther in the writing process. What serves as your inspiration? Do you wait for inspiration to arrive? Or do you plunge into a project, not know where you are going, but trusting that the story will bubble up as you proceed?

Each author has his or her own…

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