Goodbye B&N, you’ve driven me into the arms of another

The date on this post is March. And now we have B&N abandoning the Nook. Prophetic blogger? No just realistic.


I remember first hearing about them coming to town in the mid 90’s. I was so excited. A BIG bookstore, even if they were a chain, was finally coming to Fargo and we could finally, maybe, get some more diverse choices in books. Sure there was a B.Dalton in the mall, but you could hardly turn around in there without bumping into something. The one little independent bookstore down town had even less selection than the B.Dalton did. When Barnes & Noble first opened I was ecstatic. Lots of space, tons of books, long hours, and the people seemed friendly and helpful. I spent a lot of time in the store. I got a membership for the added deals.

When MediaPlay opened down the street I was once again in heaven. While MediaPlay had a bigger selection of movies, games and music, their book section was pretty good as well…

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