On Being a Crappy Writer…

So, in preparation for sending my latest book off to beta readers and then to my sister and a friend who have a copy editing/content editing company, I’m rereading it.

And it sucks….the big one. At least that’s what Editor-Mitzi’s thinking.

crappy writer 1And this what Writer-Mitzi tells herself.

But Editor-Mitzi says: “Girl, you’re gonna send this to two people to read and to Pattie and Tina to edit. And Pattie’s your SISTER. Do you want your sister to see how lame you are?

Writer-Mitzi: “Yeah, yeah…go away. I’m busy.”

Editor-Mitzi: “Look, girl. You gotta admit it. You just don’t have it. I mean…even in your classes, you weren’t all that good at writing research papers.”

crappy writer calvin_hobbes_writing

Writer-Mitzi: “I think it’s because when I write nonfiction, I tend to use a journalistic approach.”

Editor-Mitzi: “How’s that working out for you? How’s that working out for print newspapers today?”

Writer-Mitzi: “Leave me alone. I’ve got to go over this. All writing is rewriting…”

Editor-Mitzi: “You quoted Stephen King in your last blog…”

Writer-Mitzi (with hands over ears): “Lalalalalalalala…”

Editor-Mitzi (shrugging): “Okay, go it on your own. You always have…”

Writer-Mitzi: (taking hands from ears and shaking a finger): “I told you: beta readers and editing service.”

Editor-Mitzi: (shaking head): “Yeah, I’ll believe it when it happens…”

Writer-Mitzi: “I give up. I’m going to read. You know— If you don’t have time to read…”

Editor-Mitzi: “Stephen King! Again!”

crappy writer 2Writer-Mitzi: “Okay. Is that better?”

Editor-Mitzi: “Not much but I’ll take it…for now.

crappy 3


Writer-Mitzi: “What about this one?”



Editor-Mitzi: “Good. At least it will give me something to complain about.


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