Be careful what you wish for…

During the 40+ years I worked as a nurse, I wanted to be home, reading and writing.

I’m now retired and I’m home reading and writing.

But there are a couple of drawbacks:

1) I’m sure I have ADD. I start too many projects without finishing them because I have no real deadline. I have no real deadline because I’m self-publishing what I write. I’ve had a few things published the traditional route but I decided a long time ago that I was getting too old to wait 6 months for an answer from an editor or an agent. When self-publishing no longer had the “taint”, I dived in. My first book is to the right of this post.

But I digress. The drawback is that my brain is too full of ideas and sometimes I get scattered. I’ve tried to develop goals and a schedule…Oh, look- a new book to read.

B) I spend too much time on Facebook. Granted, lately I’ve been detoxing from some of the negativity but this morning I returned to my Facebook/Twitter/Email/Hootsuite addiction.

Actually I use Hootsuite to build my “author’s platform.” A platform is something to stand upon and so is this virtual one. Because I write mostly paranormal and horror, I post articles about the Paranormal and because I’m a writer (you didn’t know that?), I post articles about writing and indie publishing. The articles go to my Facebook (natch!) authors page:  and to my Twitter account @mitziflyte. So far I have almost 900 likes on the FB page and I get retweeted at least five or six times a day. Hear those nails being pounded into that platform. That’s me, hitting the laptop keys.

But there is another reason I’m on Facebook. I miss my work friends.

Pic of Mad Men for Thursday's pay TV
Pic of Mad Men for Thursday’s pay TV

I miss these guys, too, but my work-friends were a lot nicer, except for the company’s owner and that’s a story for a different day.

Seriously, I miss seeing people I worked with for more than twenty years. I miss talking to them about everything. I miss working with them. So I developed a set of “new” friends:


Add to the above the fact that I moved to almost-rural area 50 miles from I lived for almost 50 years. cornfield

I’m waiting for scary, albino kids or Bigfoot to walk out of the cornfields. (I told you I write the weird stuff).

I’ve been looking for groups to join. I even signed-up for a Curves near me. It closed a week later (I had nothing to do with it).

So until then, I’m addicted to Social Media – not Tumblr or Reddt – Facebook and Twitter.

FacebIV Sometimes I think both keep me going through the day. I get mad; I get upset; I get informed; I get entertained. I laugh a lot. And I’ve found old friends I lost and new friends I’m keeping.

There’s just one thing that bothers me:


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