Kindle Unlimited: The Reader Perspective

A very good positive assessment of Kindle Unlimited.

Love's Last Refuge

Did you ever have a reality check? You know the one…

Furious woman

EoM, the MasterCard statement arrives with page after page of charges, many (and I do mean many) of them shoring up the juggernaut we lovingly call The Zon (not to be confused with The Donald, God… no, just no).


Are you a Power Reader? Do you read 5 or more books a month? Ten, twenty? Novellas, shortie crapola rip-off serial cliffhanger PoCs (pieces of crap for the uninitiated), novels in the 50K word count range, longish novels, truly epic novels…

Welcome to my world. And the increasingly desperate effort to create economies around choosing meds vs cat food in order to feed a reading addiction. Enter the era of subscription services, beginning with Scribd. Since I was using Smashwords at the time, I had a free subscription to Scribd so I gave it a trial run. It…

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