The Revenant

I thought about this post for a couple of weeks, the length of time since I saw the movie The movie was excellent. How do I know it was excellent? I was still thinking about it two weeks after walking out of the theater. But, Mitzi, there’s a rape, there’s murder, and blood. Yep, all … More The Revenant

Snowmageddon ’16

The snow’s coming! The snow’s coming! Some people are happy: But not everyone… Run to the store. Stock up on bread, milk and eggs so you can make French toast or drink egg nog while eating a slice of bread… Yep. We’re doing a run. But I got the essentials yesterday: crackers and cheese/pimento spread … More Snowmageddon ’16

The Happiest Place on Earth

Today I’m going to The Happiest Place on Earth. No, not Disney (World or Land). I’m going to the LIBRARY… …which actually could be considered a Disney place. There’s Tomorrow Land…Science Fiction. There’s Frontier Land…lots of Louis L’amour books There’s Fantasy Land…er…fantasy books. There’s Main Street…all the contemporary/historical fiction you could want There’s even Animal … More The Happiest Place on Earth

On Being Wife 2.0

I’m the second wife for my husband. And he is my second husband; I was alone for more than thirty years. My husband and I got married at the ripe old ages of 70 and 64, respectively, and because I’m overweight and wrinkled, I know I am not a “trophy wife.” It’s difficult to move … More On Being Wife 2.0

Packaging…a Rant

I’ve read that the fastest growing demographic is old poops (and I say that with love for I am one). We are also (mostly) still up and about and spending money. We also have fingers and hands that don’t work as well as they did…oh, let’s say…forty freakin’ years ago. So why make it so … More Packaging…a Rant