Star Wars Fall-out

There’s been a lot of flak online about the new Star Wars movie.

It started with the trailer last year. You remember… the trailer showed a black storm trooper.

Here’s a reminder:

The internet blew up with lots of WTFs. I guess those irate posters had forgotten about Billy Dee Williams playing Lando Calrissian.



And then there was this guy:


It happens. Whenever anything returns…anything with such a big following of fans …and is not exactly as the fans believed it should be (as in the same as before), there’s a controversy. And in the age of the internet, the controversy explodes over Twitter, Facebook, and whatever.

Well, that seemed to have died down, especially with the long lines and sell-outs of theaters. Fans really didn’t care about the “black guy,” they just wanted their Star Wars

And it seems that “they” wanted their Princess Leia to look like this:

Star Warsprincess-leia-800

Not like this:


Ya know, guys (and gals) it’s been forty+ years. Get over it. We all age, if we’re lucky. Here’s a leader of a resistance…a general who’s been leading her people through wars for forty years. What did you expect? An iron bikini? Like I said, get over it. Han aged. Leia aged. So what?

As a woman of a certain age (younger than Carrie Fisher, BTW), I am very happy that Star Wars’ PTB allowed Leia to be herself after forty years. And so did Ms. Fisher. She’s also taken to social media to voice her very Carrie-Fisher-like opinions.

So, all the nay-sayers should just suck it up. I want to see YOUR picture in forty years. If it still sticks in your craw (as my Pop used to say), get your own film studio, write your own screenplay, hire the actors, and film it yourself.

Until then…suck it up.

And that goes for George Lucas, too. You sold your babies to Disney for a bazillion dollars.

Suck it up, George.

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