When my husband is on his own…

What happens when you let your husband out on his own?

I guess I should explain first that we’re both over 65, retired and writers. This is a second marriage for both of us. So we spend a lot of time together…sometimes in separate rooms as we write…or he watches 1950s westerns…but in the same house.

Now there are times when I go out alone, appointments, dinner with friends, shopping. And there are times when the Man of My Dreams also goes out on his own. I trust him implicitly…unless…

Unless he’s going to the fleamarket or the grocery store.

I’m not too concerned with the fleamarket if he doesn’t take the truck. He has this thing for furniture,especially desks. But sometimes, he brings home knives and pocket watches that fit in the smaller SUV. He’s a collector and I really don’t mind smaller things….we can usually find a place for them…usually.


It’s the grocery store that really concerns me. Everyone in our household should lose weight and watch their intake of pasta, pastry, candy, etc. But it’s very difficult for him to walk past the TastyKake aisle…very difficult.


My daughter and I certainly don’t need them but we also don’t throw them out either. We have no willpower…none when it comes to Pennsylvania’s TastyKakes. When my daughter lived in Washington State, I would mail them to her.

Today I sent him to the grocery store…with a list, a very specific list. He returned with exactly everything on my list but also chocolate milk, honey buns, chocolate sauce, and two big sleeves of cookies. Add all of that to the four (FOUR!) bags of candy he bought the day before.

Maybe I should just let him go to the fleamarket alone, but not the grocery store. There’s always room for another desk…as long as we don’t keep eating TastyKakes.

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