When Life Hands You Lemons… #LoveItOrListIt

Damn, I wish I had the need to get fit…wait…what…no, I’m glad I don’t. Wrangling cats, a dog, and a husband addicted to the Encore (“Western”) Channel is more than enough.
But – good for you! And about this writing gig…..

Love's Last Refuge

I fess up… I’m addicted to HGTV’s full slate of house hunting, remodels, tiny houses, island searches and love-it-or-list-it viewing options. Firstborn and I obsess over the choices, wail and gnash our teeth at the entitled princesses (of both genders) whose lists of must haves approach Trump-ian (aka The Donald) proportions.

We recognize and salute the value of staging, we agonize over granite vs cement (???) vs quartz, we quail in horror at revealed mold and shoddy workmanship from times past, we wrinkle our noses at the new popularity of white kitchen cabinetry and/or white subway tile used as a backsplash or in the shower, and we drool in awe and delight at walk-in closets and butler pantries and historic charming touches—archways, crown molding, bay windows.

With Firstborn down for the count for nearly two months with a broken shoulder and other injuries, that cable channel provided endless hours of…

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