Researching for a Writer– yeah the Internet is okay, but . . .

Research is the rabbit hole of the writer. But I do love exploring…on line, in historical places, and the libraries.

Bob Mayer

1st internet messageIn days of old, when men were men and the sheep ran scared, and the Internet was only something academics used (first Internet message sent on 29 Oct 1969, read all about it Black Tuesday), writers had to actually leave home to do research. Often go to a place called the library. Spend hours wandering the stacks. Quite a few of my book ideas came out of those stacks. Do you remember the Dewey Decimal System?  I still know the numbers I’d gravitate to.

dewey-662x1024We’d check out loads of books. Earning the wrath of the librarian by continuously checking out the same books, because it takes longer than the checkout period for a borrowed book to actually write a book. Ah. Those were the days. When we ate rocks for breakfast, broke ice to take baths, hunted Woolly Mammoths with our spears.

Then there was this thing where you…

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