The Case of the Disappearing Reviews #BadZon

I recently read a post about a writer who was going to buy a book until she saw that the author had given it a 5* review. How does that happen?
I’m thinking that, as you said, the stories are already in my head. I know them and like them, so why work so damn hard for nothing>

Love's Last Refuge

I had heard the rumors, read the new Amazon Terms of Service and their policies regarding reviews, and knew eventually they’d come for my meager collection.

Well, today (or sometime last night) the stealth review nazis hit me, stripping at least one review from several of my titles. And those happened to be by book bloggers who’d participated in book tours for those titles. That made it easy to identify which reviews went missing and why.

Book blog tours are hosted by services for whom authors pay a small fee to organize dates, arrange for bloggers, disseminate interview questions, posts, links, etc. The participating bloggers can choose from a list of options, one of which might include a review of the book, which is offered free to the interested party. It is by no means mandatory and there’s no obligation—sometimes they say they will and they don’t—and there’s definitely no…

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